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Seamless Care works with agencies that take care of residents with complex medication needs. We offer consultation and fulfill pharmaceutical needs based on clinical knowledge, practice, and resources. But most importantly, we care for your patients with empathy and compassion because we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy life.

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A Canadian pharmacy
you can count on

We’re not a typical pharmacy. We have a physical storefront that you can visit and also a large delivery infrastructure in place to help meet your delivery needs. With an increasing demand for online services, we’ve adapted our pharmaceutical services to also offer them virtually to patients and agencies around the province, making us the ultimate Canadian pharmacy.

Improving patient lives through clinically-sound healthcare advice and services

The Seamless Care pharmacy operates with one goal in mind — to improve its patients' health and well-being by offering convenient access to clinical pharmacists. Our focus is patient-centric, and our team of pharmacists centers on providing optimal care with ease, comfort, and affordability to our customers. Seamless Care Pharmacy is the best of both worlds meaning we bring the personalized touch of a corner store pharmacy, while also having the technological and clinical capabilities of a pharmacy like no other in the industry. All of this was born out of the idea that everyone deserves the best possible care.


Direct Communication with Pharmacy Team Members

Are you looking to speak with a pharmacist or to simply order your medication? Our clients enjoy connecting with someone live to look after their medication needs – we don’t have an automated phone system, every call is answered by someone on our team!

Financial Assistance Offered

There are many financial assistance programs available and our team can help you take advantage of the programs to get medication covered.

  • ✓ Waive $2 Co-Pay for all our clients

  • ✓ Free Delivery

Clinical Pharmacists that Advocate for Your Health

Pharmacists that advocate for your health, communicate with the circle of care to ensure the best health care outcome.

  • ✓ Medication Reviews

  • ✓ Medication Counselling

  • ✓ Clinical Interventions and Recommendations

Med Pouches and Blister Packs

For patients who require multiple medications throughout the day, we offer customizable compliance packages automatically sorted by time and date through our automated machines.

  • ✓ Automated sorting through automated machines

  • ✓ High accuracy and efficiency

  • ✓ Safe administration

Same Day Delivery

Free up your day and get medications delivered to you from the comfort of your home. Order over the phone, and get your prescriptions the same day. Some restrictions may apply.

  • ✓ Free secure and safe delivery to your door

  • ✓ Contactless Delivery option

Med Sync.

Speak to our staff members on how you can get all your medication dispensed at the same time. Take advantage of our Med Sync Program and ensure that your medication refills occur at the same time. We promise to minimize the amount of trips you have to make to the pharmacy.

  • ✓ Choose from vials or compliance packaging

  • ✓ Autofill

  • ✓ Prescription Extensions

Online Services

We understand that caregivers are busy, and patients want the convenience of optimal healthcare from the comfort of their home. That's why we offer virtual services that provide easy access to medication or pharmacists online.

  • ✓ Prescription ordering

  • ✓ Ordering refills

  • ✓ Medication Therapy Consultations

Compounding Services

Our pharmacy provides both topical and oral compounds. For patients who require specialized medications not commercially available in the market, we offer alternative solutions by compounding different formulations and dosage forms to suit your individual needs. And much more!

  • ✓ Topical mixtures

  • ✓ Oral suspensions

Simple Medication Disposals

Are you looking to dispose of medication wastes safely? We take back unused and expired medications and properly dispose of it on your behalf.

  • ✓ Easy, Safe and Convenient

  • ✓ Offer safe pick-up and drop-off options

Over the Counter Supplies

Our pharmacy provides over-the-counter medication for patients, caregivers, and agencies. Consult with our pharmacists for recommendations for colds and fever, stomach issues, sleep aids or other healthcare needs. We can include over the counter medications and vitamins directly into your compliance packages

  • ✓ Consult a pharmacist

  • ✓ Purchase over-the-counter medications

  • ✓ Ordering specialized products (e.g. feeds, incontinence products, etc)

Clinical Medication Reviews

Our team consists of highly-trained clinical pharmacists that are available to provide drug-therapy consultations and recommendations.

  • ✓ Consult a pharmacist

  • ✓ Consolidate administration times

  • ✓ Optimize drug therapy


Easy and convenient method to keep everyone in your household safe and protected.

  • ✓ Flu Vaccines

  • ✓ Covid 19 Vaccines

  • ✓ Travel Vaccines

How Seamless Care works

step 1


It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your account. Our user-friendly software makes it easy to create an account with a desktop or mobile device.

step 2


Once your account is up and running, enter your pharmacy details, and we'll take care of the rest — from transferring prescriptions and to contacting your doctor for refills.

step 3

Free delivery

You may be eligible to get your medications delivered to your home at no extra cost. Ask us how!

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Why is Seamless Care considered a top Canadian pharmacy?

Our patients have access to the best pharmaceutical care that is focused on them. Our team of professional, highly-trained clinical pharmacists believes in affordable and efficient healthcare and gives you just that. When you work with us, you enjoy:

member of
Accreditation Canada
Ontario Pharmacy Association
Board of Pharmacy
Specialties Certifications
Licensed by
Ontario College of Pharmacists