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Seamless Care works with agencies that take care of residents with complex medication needs. We offer consultation and fulfill pharmaceutical needs based on clinical knowledge, practice, and resources. But most importantly, we care for your patients with empathy and compassion because we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy life.

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An eHealth Mobile App designed for mobile care providers

Speak to a clinical pharmacist, order medication, review client current and historical changes, and so much more — all from one simple, yet powerful platform.

Empower your teams

Designated users get access to clinical pharmacists that answer medication-related questions, place orders, administer medication electronically, and run many types of reports design to improve the effectiveness of the circle of care.

Customized eHealth Solutions for

Group Homes    
ACT Teams  
Community Case workers  
Addition Treatment Centers  
Respite Centers
Day Programs

Platform Offerings

Integrated Medication Management (IMM)

With a click of a button, get immediate access to patient medication history and integrate that knowledge with ordering drugs for under-care patients. You can access and review medication orders, refills, and formulary changes in real-time.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

An easy-to-use tool that helps organize patient profiles, documents and information in one central place.

KPI Reporting and insights

Use our platform to monitor and support your agency team. Review team member activity, assign tasks and training, and track progress based on key perfomance indicators to ensure your team is well-supported and thriving.

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

Improve accountability when it comes to medication compliance and monitoring. This mobile-enabled medication administration system offers real-time accuracy in medication ordering and distribution.


Increase collaboration

Our software is like your team's home-base. Use the Seamless Care portal as a hub to communicate, collaborate, and integrate efforts from everyone in your agency.

Increase visibility

View medication changes for the people you support with real-time app notifications for orders and prescription changes.

Increase efficiency

Receive data directly from the pharmacy in real-time and use different functions to achieve greater accuracy, improved healthcare for patients, and enhanced productivity levels.

Improve quality of service

Create, update, and monitor PRN medication administrations to improve their effectiveness and reduce the likelihood of repeat doses.

Help your agency achieve optimal levels of care for patients with our comprehensive Seamless Care Portal.

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